Experience and Integrity
You Can Trust

Katherine E. Smith offers the highest quality of representation to her clients bringing to every case the specific professional expertise required and the energy to provide an unparalleled level of service.

Ms. Smith works at renowned criminal defence firm, Pinx & Company, based in Winnipeg and serving customers across Canada. While the firm has the experience and resources to provide legal services to individuals charged with any criminal offence, Ms. Smith focuses on defending serious crimes, winning Charter violation motions and appealing criminal convictions.

Her philosophy is that every case has a unique winning formula that is arrived at by conducting a meticulous review of every detail of the case, having complete command of the relevant area of the law, and possessing the subject matter expertise necessary to understand the factual landscape of the case. This comprehensive approach allows her to craft the legal strategy for trial or appeal necessary to secure the client’s acquittal. The sooner that our office gets involved with your case, the more likely we will be able to gather evidence to properly defend you.